EMS SmartCell Wireless Fire Detection (Technical Overview)

April 19, 2022

An innovative and flexible system for small to medium size applications developed with simplicity in mind.

SmartCell is a powerful system which has the capacity to support up to 32 wireless fire devices.

A single device (for example SC-23-0220-0001-99 detector) can incorporate both a heat and smoke detector, sounder and an EN54-23 visual alarm device in a single unit, with one address yet physically no larger than a traditionally wired smoke detector.

SmartCell has a wide range of sophisticated fire devices to meet the demands of any building, all wireless, so fast easy deployment and no damage to the fabric of the property. Imagine, a complete fire system installed in less than a day.

The control panel is intuitive and simple to use but has extensive cause and effect options which can be configured directly on the panel, via a laptop using USB or remotely if the optional communications PCB is specified. Using the state-of-the-art software tool it’s now possible to have the features usually seen on high end systems. These include “drag and drop” of devices onto floor plans, which can be fully scaled, wireless signal levels and strengths in real time and configuration of any device on the.

SmartCell has an optional “plug-in” communications PCB module that includes an on-board SIM as well as Ethernet connectivity. This is available at an additional cost with annual subscription to access to our dedicated SmartCell “Remote Services”.

When connected to remote services, using the communications PCB, SmartCell can send texts and/or emails to a number of recipients alerting them of any activity on the system using an on-board SIM or an internet connection both fully encrypted and secure.

Tomorrows wireless technology available today, developed by EMS from the ground up to meet every demanding application.

To learn more about EMS-FireCell, watch the video below.