How to reset the password on a Dahua NVR/XVR

August 18, 2022
One of the most common issues we encounter is when it comes time to access their CCTV system and back up some footage, they have forgotten the password the machine was configured with or the original installer is no longer on the scene so can’t get the access needed. The video below shows one of the ways that you can restore the password on a recorder.

You may find yourself in a situation where someone has already added in an email address on the initial setup of the NVR/XVR (top tip: add in an email address when you are initially setting up the system), in which case the only other option is to hit the reset switch by powering down the system, removing the cover, holding down the reset switch and powering up the system with the button held down until you hear the system beep. This is an easy fix on XVR machines but keep in mind on an IP system you may need to reset the cameras as well if you don’t know the passwords for them. I’ll cover how to reset cameras in a later post.