HKC RF Miniature Contact w/Shock Sensor Brown

A miniature wireless magnetic contact available in white, brown or grey. It delivers excellent range and battery life performance while maintaining a discreet and aesthetic profile. The contact is ideal for applications that require specific architectural design consideration.

The miniature contact is designed to work alongside existing and legacy HKC RF detectors.

-Input Power: 1 Duracell DL2450 coin cell
-Current Consumption:
Standby 7μA
Transmit 55mA (peak)
-Range: Line of sight >400m
-Battery Life: Typically >4 years
-Main Size: 64mm x 28mm x 9mm
-Magnet Size: 64mm x 11mm x 9mm
-Weight: 35g (inc. battery & magnet)
-RF-MCB: Brown
-EN 50131-2-6 Grade 2 Class II
-BS 8243 & PD6662
-Temperature: -10 to +40°C

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