HID® Mercury™ MR52-S3B Controller Serial I/O Dual Card Reader Interface, 2-Reader Interface Module – (2 reader: mag, wiegand, 4 reader OSDP, 8 inputs, 6 relays) (Mercury MR52-S3B)

> Compact footprint and RS-485 connectivity
> Affordable solution for applications requiring two reader doors
> Onboard I/O’s provide auxiliary point control and monitoring
> 12 or 24 V DC input power support
> Offline reader access mode support
> 12 V DC reader support with 24 V DC power source
> Interfaces with a wide array of reader technologies including Wiegand, clock and data, magnetic stripe and keypads
> Supports being clustered or distributed to best suit the installation environmentInputs and the output relays support assignment to door related functions or to general purpose I/O
> Inputs support normally open, normally closed, supervised and non-supervised circuits
> Output relays are configurable for fail-safe or fail secure operation

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