Ditec LCU40H Control Panel for 24V Systems

Entrematic LCU control units allow you to easily configure, assisted by a digital display, the automation operating mode and continuously monitor position and speed of the gate, allowing fine tuning of acceleration, deceleration and breakaway current, the deceleration distance and approach speed in opening and closing. Thanks to additional plug-in cards you can further expand the functionality of the system with self-monitored safety edges, a magnetic loop detector or Bluetooth module. Entrematic LCU control units feature incredible ease of use (thanks to advanced self-learning procedure during installation) and Virtual Encoder technology (which ensures a constant monitoring of impact forces and the immediate detection of obstacles, in full compliance with 13849, with or without the installation of active safety edges). And in case of issues, a datalogging, available via LED display (LCU30H) or via microSD and dedicated software (LCU40H), allows you to analyze the latest alarms history and greatly simplifies the detection of faults and related maintenance operations. Data can be displayed and precisely analysed with software Amigo (available in the download area of www.ditecentrematic.com site).

Quality certified by TUV Rheinland!


Compatibility: Ditec PWR25H, Ditec PWR35H,
Ditec PWR50H/HV/HR, Ditec ARCBH/1BH,
and Ditec Cubic6H/30H

-433 MHz radio receiver module pre-installed (switchable with 868 MHz module)
-Removable memory module
-GREEN MODE function to reduce power consumption to less than 1W
-SOLAR ready power supply and / or hybrid
-Degree of protection IP55 plastic housing
-Operating temperature -35 ° C / + 55 ° C
-Dimensions (HxWxD): 357 x 238 x 120 mm

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