Working alone? Stay Safe with a Lone Worker Transmitter

February 3, 2021

According to the HSA ‘Violence at work’ report, every year over 5% of all reported workplace accidents in Irish workplaces are due to violence. This can lead to long term physical and physiological effects.

People who work alone are isolated from colleagues putting them at increased risk and making them feel more vulnerable to violence even if the violence does not manifest itself. Lone workers are also at risk of having an accident or a fall and not being found when working alone.

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act requires employers to ensure the safety and health of employees. The installation of video surveillance and personal alarms and other emergency communication equipment can help deter attackers and protect workers.

Lone Worker Transmitter

The best system combines static panic buttons with personal alarms. The Elpas Lone Worker Transmitter is a commercial-grade Active RFID Tag thatprovides wireless monitoring of staff members that may be subject to work related injuries or attacks in high-risk, indoor work place environments.

How the Transmitter works

The device is clipped to a belt or worn on a lanyard at all times while working. It’s lightweight so will not restrict movement or be awkward to wear. Battery operated, the transmitter emits real-time indoorpositioning data so the worker can be tracked and his position known at any time 24/7.

The Transmitter features two emergency call buttons on either side of the unit for manual duress alerting. Pressing both buttons simultaneously causes the device to emit positioning datathat identifies the name and building location of the staff member in need, which can be used to manage emergency response efforts.

Man Down Alert

The transmitter also has a fall detection feature that will detect if the worker takes a fall or is pushed to the ground. This will create an alert automatically which is useful in cases where the worker may be unconscious and unable to press buttons on the device or access a mobile phone.

Who would benefit from the Lone Worker Transmitter?

Perfect for those working in large buildings such as healthcare units, prisons, college campus, sports complexes, night-watchmen in warehouses or security guards in office buildings. Any place where somebody working alone may be vulnerable or isolated. The device is simple and easy to use and allows 24/7 supervision.

Northwood Technology are the Irish distributor of the Elpas Lone Worker Transmitter. If you want further information about this product or any of our personal protection alarms, please contact our Dublin office on 01 8601880 or our Cork office on 021 2066853.