What is Net2 Access Control?

February 3, 2021

Net2 is Paxton’s user friendly and flexible networked access control and door entry system, which is managed from a central PC. Net2 access control is easy to install and designed to make the management of any building very simple. Net2 offers a range of IP, battery powered, door entry and wireless or wired door controllers to suit any site requirement, making installers’ lives easier.

How does Networked Access Control work?

The networked access control system, Net2, is administered using one or more PCs and can be monitored and managed from a central location. The door controllers come as wired, wireless or battery powered. Net2 is designed with simplicity in mind and is easily scalable. Paxton’s one door controller philosophy means you only quote for doors that require access. You can build your Net2 system one door at a time using wired and wireless controllers and door entry for versatile security and building management.

Software Overview

There are two versions of the software: Net2 Lite, which is ideal for most sites and is free of charge, and Net2 Pro, which offers extra features for more flexible and advanced access control. Developed to be straightforward and intuitive the Net2 software is very easy to learn

Tailor access privileges to groups or individuals quickly and easily using our intuitive, user-friendly software. Event reports can be generated in a few clicks and the advanced features such as site graphics, IP camera integration and triggers and actions further extend the capabilities of the system

Hardware Overview

All Net2 door controllers can be used alongside each other, making it easy for installers to find the best solution for each individual site

Net2 PaxLock is a wireless networked access control solution in a door handle. It communicates wirelessly to the server PC via a Net2Air bridge, reducing cabling and installation time. Net2 PaxLock will save you time on site, it can be installed quickly as it comes ready to fit to a standard Euro lock case meaning it can replace an existing door handle.

Net2 Entry is a straightforward door entry system that works standalone or when used alongside Net2 access control, Net2 Entry can be used to allow day-to-day access for users who have a token, PIN or code. Net2 Entry allows a person inside a building to identify a visitor via a video monitor before they decide whether to grant or deny entry via the external door.

The video door entry system now works in standalone mode for a quick, simple installation and easy user management with our standard enrolment and shadow cards. Offer a flexible system that can grow in line with your customers’ requirements and be upgraded to an online Net2 solution, with no hidden costs.

Due to the wide range of site requirements, we offer a variety of readers and keypads suitable for use with Net2. This includes readers and keypads with vandal resistant, energy saving and long range capabilities. Net2 software is designed to easily integrate with other security systems, so you can offer your customers a complete solution. By integrating with other security systems your customers can enjoy more streamlined security for their building.

For more information on the range you can speak with our sales team at our Dublin office or Cork office.