Watch your calving shed from wherever you are

February 3, 2021

It is calving season and it’s a cold dark night, the rain is starting to turn to sleet and you are nice and warm by the fire. It’s almost time for bed and it’s been a long day, the last thing you want to do is put on your coat to go out and check what is happening in the shed. So you take your mobile phone from your pocket and because you have installed a Calving Camera Kit you can see that all is well without having to make a trip outdoors.

The technology of calving cameras has reduced the pressure of the season for many farmers. With peak calving season not that far away now is the time to start putting some plans in place to make your life a bit easier.

The Northwood Calving Camera Kit

With the Northwood kit you can keep an eye on what is happening either from your mobile phone or PC. The high powered camera ensures clear images throughout the day and with the night vision technology you can easily see what is happening 24 hours a day.

Login from any location

Being able to login from anywhere is particularly helpful as many farmers are also working away from the farm during the day. Also, as many farmers do not live on the family farm and may be some distance away the calving kit comes in very handy. With multiple logins allowed, somebody can log in from their office many miles away while another family member can have a quick look at the monitor from the kitchen table.

Clear Images and Sounds

The Northwood camera is so clear you can read the ear tags so no more trying to guess which animal is progressing. The camera transmits to the monitor using wireless technology which has a range of up to 2km.The image is then streamed to the NVR for storage or remote viewing. There is the option to connect up to 4 static cameras or if using the PTZ camera the user can rotate the camera remotely from a smart phone and zoom in.

Easy Installation

The kit is easy to install but if you do have difficulties or questions there is the added comfort of an experienced technical team for your support at Northwood Technology in Dublin or Cork. The Northwood Calving Kit is built to last many calving seasons so is a great investment for you. It not only saves your time in checking on livestock it provides peace of mind.

The kit can also be used for lambing, foaling and for monitoring any other type of livestock on your farm. For more information about the kit please contact Northwood Technology Dublin 01 8601880 or Cork 021 2066853. We can put you in touch with a PSA approved installer in your local area.