Through the Eyes of the Installer – The Dahua ANPR Camera

February 3, 2021

In this instalment of our ‘Through the Eyes of the Installer’ series we speak to David Courtney, Managing Director of Advanced Digital Security.

What was the problem that your client needed to be resolved?

My client has a logistics company and I had previously installed CCTV cameras at his depot. During one of my regular maintenance calls we were discussing the entrance to their site. It’s a busy company so there are many vehicles coming and going during the day. There is a barrier entrance that leads into the loading area. Each driver had to get out of their vehicle, walk to the intercom and wait to speak to a member of staff in the office to be allowed access into the site. This was causing delays at busy times and also disturbing members of staff throughout the day. My client was looking to see if there was any technology out there that could streamline this process.

How did you find out about the Dahua ANPR Camera?

I spoke to Mark in Northwood Technology and explained my clients challenge. I was not aware of any product on the Irish market that could be a solution but Mark came up with the idea of installing the Dahua ANPR Camera. No other company seemed to have anything like this and it turned out to be the ideal solution for my client.

Why did you come to Northwood Technology?

I have been a customer for some time and I found that when I had a query I could bring it to the team and they usually came up with a solution for me. If the solution fits the job then I have a happy client. It’s good to have the technical backup also, Colm was on hand to help me fix some issues during the testing stage with this logistics company.

How easy was the Dahua to install and set up?

It was pretty straight forward. I mounted it beside the barrier at the entrance and it was a straightforward process to input the vehicle registration numbers into the system. All the white listed numbers were entered into the system so if the plate number was not in the system, the barrier did not open automatically.

What did the client think of the system?

They were delighted with it as now the authorised drivers pass through the barrier without much delay. It’s certainly helped from a security aspect because it’s reduced the amount of unauthorised vehicles that accessed the site. Each plate can be tracked so there is a log of all traffic in and out of the site. As the information is backed up it can be accessed by the client at any stage so they can pinpoint each driver as they come and go. It’s all fully transparent and past activity sometimes can be very helpful to have in the event of an issue.

It is also performing well at night-time. The system is clearly picking up the vehicle registration plates even on a dark wet night when conditions are poor.

How does the client monitor the activity?

They have the system set up so they can see on screen from the office what is happening LIVE. It’s also available across their local network so it’s also accessible to all authorised personnel. Some staff are accessing it from tablets and smartphones when they are away from the site also.

Would you say that the Dahua ANPR was the correct solution for your client?

Yes, it seems to be exactly what they needed. As part of our maintenance contract with the client we will be returning every 6 months to ensure it is still working to optimum levels. We perform our routine maintenance check along with also maintaining the complete network of CCTV cameras around the complex. My client is very satisfied and that means I am too. I am happy to recommend the Dahua ANPR camera system and, of course, the Northwood Technology team.

Northwood are the Irish distributors for the Dahua ANPR camera system. For more information, please contact our Dublin office on 01 8601880 or our Cork office on 021 2066853.

We would like to thank David of Advanced Digital Security for telling us about his experience. David’s company is based in County Louth but his client base is nationwide. You can find out more about the services he offers on Advanced Digital Security Website