Through the eyes of the installer – CCTV and Access Control systems

February 3, 2021

Increasingly business operators are incorporating access control and CCTV cameras into their alarm security systems. It makes sense and adds an additional layer of protection to the business.

Wilson Security have been protecting home and businesses in Ireland since 1995. Based in Dublin, they have an impressive client list and cover the whole of the country. We speak to Mark Wilson, owner of Wilson Security about one of his many clients that have integrated this technology to great effect in their business.

The Client

Wilson Security have worked with Avoca for over 12 years on all their sites. Avoca have some of the country’s best loved cafes and food offerings. They also stock their famous throws and blankets along with a range of home and gift items.

Why did Avoca choose to use this system?

With some many branches, it made sense for them to homogenise their security systems and equipment. All Avoca sites in Ireland are now using the same equipment which makes it easier to manage. It also allows managers move between branches and be instantly familiar with the security system in any one.

What is it that makes this equipment so acceptable?

Our clients need equipment that is ease to use so we choose Dahua CCTV cameras and ACT Access readers. These systems are extremely reliable as well as being cost efficient. However, we are most concerned about providing the best solution for the client and with the flexibility offered, this ticked all the boxes for Avoca.

What were the main factors in selecting this particular system?

The flexibility that was needed was based on the fact that staff were arriving and leaving at various times during the day and night. Bakers arrive at 3am and they need to be able to access certain areas in the building while leaving the remainder of the building secure until other staff arrive later in the morning.

In retail what is the key concern with cameras?

As in any industry, it all comes down to the clarity of the images that are captured. With Dahua we use multi megapixels allowing us to capture top quality images that are crystal clear. Our clients have used footage in court that has resulted in convictions on the back of the quality captured by these cameras. As installers, we are always concerned about the quality of the equipment, we need to be sure that it won’t let our client down. We monitor all the action from our station in Dublin which gives our clients peace of mind that we are looking after their interests.

Do you always suggest these cameras to your clients?

Another client we worked with insisted on using a different brand of CCTV camera equipment against our advice. There were many problems, so the next site we had for this client we switched them over to Dahua and they were so impressed with the reliability that it’s all they use across all their sites now.

Why did you use the ACT access control?

ACT access control is another reliable product where users have a fob which uses close proximity technology to allow access. The fob is handy for when hands are full bringing in boxes and it ensures only authorised staff can gain entry. It enables monitoring of who is coming and going and at what time. All is controlled from a central point and there is a reporting feature that is very user friendly.

Why do you think your working relationship is so strong with your clients?

We are in business since 1995, we managed to survive the difficult years because we are so diverse in our offering and client base. We are known for our service and quality of the equipment we install. That is why is it so important to have suppliers like Northwood Technology there to support us.

How do you find working with Northwood Technology?

We have been working with Northwood Technology for almost 10 years. They are extremely knowledgeable about their equipment and solutions available. We offer a high level of service and most of our work comes from referrals or word of mouth, we are very proud of that and we must protect that by choosing the right suppliers.

How is business looking for the near future?

We work nationwide with clients of all sizes, both domestic and commercial. We have done some recent work with CCTV systems in towns using the Avigilon range of cameras from Northwood Technology. We also monitor everything from building sites to commercial sites and domestic homes so we are in many sectors and constantly busy.We want to thank Mark Wilson of Wilson Security for talking to us and sharing his experience. Wilson Security are specialists in Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Access Control and provide advanced integration security and a 24hour monitoring service. For more information, check out their website

Northwood Technology are Irish distributors for Dahua CCTV Cameras, Avigilon CCTV and ACT access control systems. For more information on any of these products please contact our Dublin Office on 01 8601880 or our Cork office on 021 2066853.