Through the eyes of the Installer – Access Control

February 3, 2021

ATA Security are a Dublin based security company that have dedicated themselves to reliability and excellence for over 30 years. They specialise in intruder alarms, access control, fire alarms and CCTV Systems for commercial and residential projects. Alan Doyle, Installation Manager speaks with us about using Paxton access control technology in some of their past projects. This system has proved to be a reliable option for many of ATA Security customers.

Where have you used Paxton Access Control Systems?

One of our clients that has successfully migrated to the system is the Marino Institute of Education. This educational centre has several areas on site, some are classrooms while others are residential areas for the students. We found using a mix of Paxton access control and intercoms was the ideal solution for them.

The students and staff use fobs to access the buildings and there are different access abilities for all. For example, some would use their fobs to enter dorm rooms where any non-resident would be denied access. Students cannot access certain staff areas either and because the fobs are set to only work during term there is an added layer of security.

What about another example of where you have used the system?

Teagasc in Ashtown have a mix of buildings on their campus and each building housing activities such as office, manufacture or laboratories. Naturally not all staff should have access to all areas so a system was needed to ensure specific people could gain entry to specific areas only.

On occasion they would have interns or contract workers for short periods that needed temporary access. For these we could limit the dates, times and even areas they could access. Once they finished their contract they could no longer gain access even if they kept their fob as it would not work.

Why do you use this system?

With this system there will be no accidental visitors as people are stopped from going where they should not be. We also like that the system can be integrated with a fire alarm, meaning when the alarm goes off, fire doors will close and external doors will release in order to get everybody out safely.

We have used Paxton for many years. They often update features but there has never been any huge changes which is a benefit for us. We are comfortable using this system as it is straightforward to install. We can easily train new team members and the end users rarely have any difficulties with the system. It’s reliable and that is important to keep call outs to a minimum and keep our clients happy.

On the majority of projects we use fobs but there are some still some swipe card systems. In some cases where an extra layer of security is need (such as a comms room) we would add a keypad with code that had to be used in conjunction with the fob.

The system is good for setting times on doors, allowing maintenance staff entry out of hours but other staff cannot gain access. This is good in case a fob is lost as it just won’t work during those times.

Working with Northwood

We have been working with Northwood Technology for many years. They have the equipment we need when we need it. They would be known as the more popular supplier in the industry as they have the products installers need. You can trust them to give you the correct product for the job.

The Future

Thankfully we have been extremely busy with a lot of new business coming in. We’ve expanded in the past few months and the plan is to keep working to increase our team in line with the extra business.

We want to thank Alan for his time and talking with us about Paxton Access Control Systems. For more informationon the company you can visit the ATAsecurity website. Northwood Technology is the Irish distributors for Paxton Access Control Systems. For more information on any of these products please contact our Dublin Office on 01 8601880 or our Cork office on 021 2066853.