The New H4 Mini Dome from Avigilon

February 3, 2021

Avigilon announce the New Mini Dome and give us 3 Big Reasons to Get Excited About their Smallest H4 Camera Line.

Engineered with our latest imaging technologies and an easy-to-install design, the H4 Mini Dome camera line continues to expand our H4 camera platform.

While there are many advantages of this latest addition to our H4 platform, here are the top three ways the H4 Mini Dome provides our customers an Avigilon quality product at an entry level price point.

1. Small Size Big Performance

With a footprint of only 2.8 inches, the Avigilon H4 Mini Dome is the smallest and most discreet camera within the H4 Platform. This makes it a great option for many verticals such as restaurants, retail stores any other commercial businesses that are looking for a discreet camera that packs in many of the features of our H4 platform cameras.

2. Low Bandwidth High Image Detail

The H4 Mini Dome optimizes our most advanced bandwidth technologies. By harnessing Avigilon’s patented High Definition Stream Management technology, as well as HDSM SmartCodec and Idle Scene Mode technologies, this camera provides exceptional bandwidth management across the entire system, from camera to server to client, without sacrificing important image detail.

3. Picture Perfect

Using Avigilon LightCatcher, patented content adaptive infrared, and dual exposure Wide Dynamic Range technologies, the 1.3, 2, and 3 megapixel H4 Mini Dome camera resolutions provide high image quality for your broad range of lighting environments.

To learn more about our newest camera line watch this video