SmokeCloak – You can’t steal what you can’t see

February 3, 2021

Most property loss occurs in the first minutes of a break in. In fact, when it comes to retail break-ins they typically only last for 3 – 5 minutes. Therefore, it is important that whatever you do to stop the crime is quick and effective.

Here’s where SmokeCloak comes into its own. When the trigger is activated a cloud of fog fills the room within seconds. This will not only catch the intruder off guard but will totally disorientate him so the only action left for him is to make a run for it. This leaves your staff and your stock safe and deters the burglar from ever returning. Systems like this make it impossible for a burglar to empty tills or attack staff as he simply can’t even see them.

No damage just results

The beauty of this product is that it is super effective without being harmful. The ‘smoke’ is actually a fog made from glycol vapour which is similar to the product used during theatrical performances or in e-cigarettes. This won’t harm staff and it certainly won’t damage any stock as once the event is over and windows are opened to provide ventilation the fog just disperses.

Here’s a real life video of SmokeCloak in action.

This is a good example of the SmokeCloak in action. This is actual footage of a couple of would be burglars who have decided to try to attack an employee at a jewellery shop with the intention of stealing some valuables. However, the quick thinking employee activates the SmokeCloak and foils their attempts

Used in retail stores

In the past it was used to protect property overnight. However, it is more common now to be used in retail stores during the daytime to protect staff and valuable stock.

In Ireland at present SmokeCloak is installed in jewellery shops, petrol stations, retail stores and cash offices in a variety of sectors. It can be activated by a panic style button or can be set to trigger when the premises is empty by using motion detector technology.

Always on and ready to prevent crime

The unit is connected to the mains supply so it is always armed. When triggered it activates for up to 60 seconds and a monitor will check fog density and can trigger again to top up. Visibility will be less than an arm’s length making it nearly impossible to see. In an unventilated room it can last up to 45 minutes. Once the event is over you can open windows and doors to let the fog clear away and this won’t take long.

For more information on the SmokeCloak please contact Northwood Technology who are the Irish distributor of this very popular product. We would love to tell you more and can be reached at our Dublin office on 01 8601880 or our Cork office on 021 2066853