Security Products for the Irish Agri Sector

February 3, 2021

It’s a key time of year for many farmers as we move into Spring and welcome the arrival of the new-born livestock.Farming can be stressful and comes with many challenges.As a security installer you may not realise that you can offer a variety of solutions that can reduce stress and increase profitability for the agri-sector. In turn, increasing your revenue.

Calving, Lambing & Foaling Season

It’s the preparation before the event that counts.Having the right equipment and solutions in place will make a big difference as animals begin to give birth.Calving kits are more common than ever but the quality can vary greatly.The farmer needs a system that can be relied on, with images and sound transmitted effectively direct to a smartphone.

The first 48 hours is an important time during the lambing season as over half of all lamb mortality occurs within the first two days of life.It’s a time demanding activity so a monitoring system that will allow a farmer to do other jobs elsewhere on the farm while keeping an eye on activity will be valued.

Using technology when it comes to foaling is nothing new. However, the solutions that are available now are much more accessible to the general market than have been in the past. These foals and mares can be quite valuable and it is not worth taking a risk when it is not necessary.Using motion or sound activation technologies will help alert the owner to what is happening in the stable.

In all cases, giving a farmer the ability to see activity on a smart phone or home monitor will save the time usually spent moving between house and barn checking activity.

Rural Crime

Around 45% of agricultural crime goes unreported according to the latest National Agricultural Crime Survey, carried out by the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association and Waterford Institute of Technology.It was also noted that two thirds of Irish farming families have been affected by crime relating to their farming enterprise.

As installers you know that the right security solution with CCTV, can help protect the farmhouse, machinery and of course the people living there. A solution that will help to deter intruders and reduce burglaries and the theft of machinery and livestock is what is needed.


Many rural areas have issues with broadband and it may have deterred them from getting CCTV in remote buildings.This is no longer an issue with the CSL router which gives 4G access 24 hours a day wherever it is needed.This easy to install solution is a dream product for installers as it offers so many possibilities.Use where there is little or no broadband for a reliable connection 24/7.

New Opportunities

There are many security applications that you can promote to this sector.If your aim is to increase your business this year you may want to ring us for advice on application and design.We have a variety of technologies that can be used to create a system for the agri-sector such as quality cameras, wireless links, recorders, beams, systems with smartphone apps and the new CSL router.

There are some challenges and design permutations so why not take advantage of our expertise.We can recommend and advise you on profitable solutions.Phone us or call in to see us and if you quote “Agri-Security” we will give you 5% off the quote.

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