Protecting Infants with a Charm

February 3, 2021

In recent times hospitals have tightened security to prevent baby abductions and now it is rare to hear about a baby being stolen from a hospital.

Much of this is to do with new technology that is now available to safeguard new-borns from the moment of birth.The Elpas Infant Protection Charm will match baby and mother from the moment of delivery to the time they are discharged from hospital protecting against abduction or inadvertent switches.

Elpas Infant Protection Charm

The baby wears a small Charm device around the ankle which has a soft comfortable band while the mother wears a matching Charm as a bracelet. When used together the Charm provides verification that no inadvertent switch has taken place. With a press of a button on the mother tag, the Charm light turns green and proves that baby and mum are a match.

While in the maternity or neonatal ward of the hospital the Charm transmits real-time location data so the whereabouts of the protected infant can be seen.

The Technology

Elpas Infant Protection Charm uses a tracking and monitoring technology that is both affordable and reliable. The Charm uses an Active RFID Tag which is powered by a long life battery. This tag broadcasts its own signal which acts like a beacon to accurately track the real-time location of the wearer. The Charm is worn on a disposable size-adjustable, tamper-resistant anklet band made from safe, baby friendly materials.

Extra Security

The Charm features an anti-tamper detection which will alert if an attempt is made to remove the bracelet. It will alert near the exit against any unauthorised removal of the child so security guards can investigate. The range of the tag is wide enough to allow hospital wide monitoring.

The Elpas Infant Protection Alarm is safe and simple to use. The materials used are hypoallergenic and the unit is easy to clean and reusable. Naturally the tags are hospital proven form factor (IP67) and CE, FCC, IC and UL compliant.

Northwood Technology are the Irish distributor of the Elpas Infant Protection Alarm. If you want further information about this product or any of our personal protection alarms, please contact our Dublin office on 01 8601880 or our Cork office on 021 2066853.