Paxton software integrates with other systems to provide a simple but effective solution for security

February 3, 2021

Net2 is an advanced PC based access control solution from UK company Paxton. It offers centralised administration and control of sites from one to thousands of doors and with up to 50,000 users. Easy and quick to both install and use, this software can easily integrate with many systems.

Paxton integrates with ievo for the leisure industry

Paxton’s Net2 software has been integrated with ievo biometric readers in a popular Health and Leisure chain in the UK. These clubs open 24 hours a day every day of the year so they needed a system that would monitor users throughout the day.

The system was quick and easy to install and is so simple to use that the staff took to it immediately. The members register using their fingerprint and then each time they want to visit the centre they only have to place their finger on a screen for immediate entry.The members loved the concept as they found it quicker to get entry and the system was easy to use. They now also had the reassurance that the only people accessing the member’s areas such as changing rooms were in fact members themselves.

Management loved the concept as it was well received by staff and freed up their time enabling them to get on with other tasks. It was low cost and quick to install and immediately improved the security on site. It eliminated the issue of some members sharing pins or swipe cards thus boosting revenues.

Paxton integrates with Dahua CCTV for an office complex access solution

An office building in Wales that has several businesses with over 500 employees was recently refurbished and during the project they decided to upgrade their security system. Paxton provided an integrated multi-tenant solution with their Net2 integrated access control system combining with Dahua IP CCTV system, fire and intruder alarms.

The system had to be advanced enough to cope with 500 users and have different access options for the buildings two carpark barriers and lifts. However, it also had to be user friendly in order for it to be accepted by all the tenants.A valid token was required to gain access to certain areas and floors for security reasons. Net2 was also integrated with the Dahua IP CCTV so if someone tries to enter a restricted area, a CCTV image is flagged and raises an alert to the system administrator. The information gathered from this technology provided a full audit trail for enhanced security. The integrated Net2 system has increased security throughout the building and has proved simple and easy to manage.

These are only a couple of examples of how Paxton software can be used in conjunction with biometrics, CCTV and alarms to provide an easy to use effective solution for many businesses. Irish security system installers have started to integrate this technology already with great success, watch out for our upcoming case study to find out more.

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