Paxton Net2 Provides Secure Integrated Solution for College

February 3, 2021

Marino Institute of Education is a unique third-level education environment based in Dublin.

The campus comprises the College of Education, the Conference Centre and other continuing professional development and support services.


Martin Lynch, IT Manager at Marino, made the decision to develop the site’s existing security system in order to better control the movement of staff and students around the campus. Due to the open nature of the college, there was also a potential issue with unauthorised personnel gaining access to restricted areas of the campus, that needed to be resolved.

Integration with the college’s in-house student management software was also required, to simplify student management and enable the tokens to be used to gain access to the site, as a student ID card, for library usage, and photocopy and print services.


The new solution, installed by ATA Security Ltd, builds on Marino’s existing Net2 system that has been steadily expanded across the site over the past ten years. The system now combines the entire range of Paxton’s Net2 products; Net2, Net2 Entry and Net2 PaxLock.

Net2 is a user-friendly and flexible networked access control system, designed to make the management of any site straightforward. Combined with Net2 Entry, Paxton’s award winning door entry system, and Net2 PaxLock, which provides a wireless access control solution in a slim-line door handle, the new Net2 system has significantly improved the securityat Marino, whilst providing a simple interface via the software, from which to manage the site and users.

Declan Shields, Operations Manager at ATA, says: “We are big fans of Paxton products, Net2 is the only access control system we use. It’s easy to install, and simple to manage, plus the Paxton team provide excellent support every step of the way. This, and the flexible, scalable nature of the Net2 system, is what made it the ideal solution for Marino.”

The integration with the college’s in-house student management software makes is simple for the college to manage the access rights of everyone on campus, and ensure that the students can access all other services and amenities offered on campus using their smart cards.

Additional integrations with the intruder and fire alarms also give staff a greater degree of control over the students’ movement, preventing them from inadvertently entering an area that has been closed down during ‘out of hours’ periods.


The staff and students have gotten on board with their updated Net2 system very quickly. Martin says of the software: “Net2 is very, very easy to use. I felt at home with it really quickly, and discovered a range of additional features that we will benefit from.”

The college has plans to further expand the system, with the imminent implementation of a further seven new Net2 PaxLocks, as well as increased access control in the library, and electric gates to control the flow of people into, and out of, the main grounds.

Northwood Technology are Irish distributors for the Paxton range of security solutions. For more information on these products please contact our Dublin office on 01 8601880 or our Cork office on 021 2066853