Network or Broadband access a problem? The New CSL Router is the answer

February 3, 2021

Northwood are delighted to introduce another innovative product to the range – the CSL Router that offers rapid connectivity for any application.

The CSL Router has the ability to provide a quick and reliable 4G connectivity solution as a primary option for those without wired broadband, or as a back-up option for those with either weak or unreliable wired broadband.


This can be the solution in places where CCTV cameras are needed but broadband has been too weak. Perfect for that farm shed during calving season or other remote buildings and homes. The fast 4G Connectivity allows for the rapid deployment of CCTV on such sites where there is little or no existing broadband.

However, where the existing broadband service is available, the CSL Router also serves a purpose. With End Point Configuration it can be used to encrypt and protect data as well as providing a back-up 4G service via the CSL SIM.

CSL Routers are supplied pre-configured for a fast installation and minimal disturbance on site. This is key when sites have little or no IT infrastructure available. The advanced 4G service, provides immediate and reliable connectivity and users can remotely access and view images on their CCTV DVR/NVR via an App.

Other applications

In business today most companies are extremely reliant on the internet and connectivity for its core functions. They need it for smooth running of their entire operations so it is important to put in place secure, agile and reliable network connectivity to operate successfully. In almost all situations reliable and secure connectivity is possible through technology 4G SIM devices such as the CSL Router. It provides an instant, encrypted connection to the internet for sites where wired broadband is unavailable, impractical or slow. It is also possible to upgrade an existing broadband service to a private network to provide a reliable failover solution if a wired broadband infrastructure goes down.


Connection is supplied through a private network that can only be accessed by permitted devices and/or permitted ARCs. The CSL Router works with existing broadband service to provide an Instant Private Network, providing a GDPR-ready solution that requires no firewall configuration for quick installations.

The CSL Router has already won two prestigious awards: Innovative Security Project of the Year at the British Security Awards and PSI Premier Award for Software/Signalling Product of the Year. For more information on this innovative product you can speak with the Northwood Technology team in the Dublin office 018601880 Or the team in Cork on 0212066853