Mobile CCTV designed for moving vehicles

February 3, 2021

We are so familiar with seeing CCTV cameras on the side of buildings or positioned high on a pole so why not a security system installed within moving vehicles?

Dahua, a world leader in innovation, have introduced a ‘Mobile Solution’ which is ideal for many situations that involve a moving vehicle with security needs. This end-to-end solution uses CCTV cameras, a video recorder, integrated platform and intelligent technologies to ensure vehicles such as buses, coaches, trucks, cash-in-transit vans can be well guarded and efficiently run.

Dahua Mobile Solution

The Dahua Mobile Solution includes a front-end camera, recorder and a server for the control centre. The CCTV cameras come in different styles such as wedge dome, mini eyeball or mini dome to suit different situations. The recorder has a resolution of 5MP and supports IR and IP67. It will record and store footage while also being capable of exchanging video and GPS data via 3G, 4G and WIFI.

The DSS service is at the heart of the system and it supports up to 2000 channels. It is used to control and manage the mobile recorder and can be integrated with most existing security systems that may already be in place. The wireless signal in the vehicle automatically switches from 4G to Wi-Fi when the vehicle is back at base and the recorder will be automatically uploaded.

Dahua Bus Mobile Solution

While using public transport particularly at the weekends, anti-social behaviour can make a journey unpleasant and even dangerous for drivers and passengers. The Dahua mobile Solution enables drivers of coaches and the bus companies to better deal with these safety threat situations. The system will provide a live feedback to base and will also record any activity for use in prosecution at a later stage. Many times just the presence of such a system can act as a deterrent and can reduce the likelihood of occurrence.

The system also has a useful people counting function to count the number of people that have used a vehicle in one period of time. The statistics are downloaded to generate reports to see the flow of people in different time period helping the coach operator to optimise a route to make it more profitable.

Dahua Logistics Mobile Solution

Many hours can be lost investigating claims for lost or damaged goods whilst in transit and the logistic companies are often the ones that end up out of pocket. Increasingly hauliers are installing interior CCTV camera systems on their fleet as an accurate witness to what occurs when the goods are in transit.

The Dahua Mobile Solution consists of a HD CCTV camera with a recorder and software enabling recording that is transmitted back to base. It’s the perfect straight forward solution for recording any activity within and around the trailer.

Dahua Cash in Transit Mobile Solution

When your priorities are keeping both your cash and staff safe against the threat of attack you want a security system which is secure and reliable. The Dahua Mobile solution is an ideal solution for cash in transit vans to provide protection against attack. The camera is smart detection supported meaning it can face detect, tripwire, intrusion alert, audio detect and much more. As well as being connected to the recorder and monitoring station footage can also be viewed via IPhone and android.

The mobile solution is designed to be used for vehicles while they are both on the move and stationary for periods during the day. It is securely enclosed so it won’t fail and is not affected by bumps or sharp turns while driving. A ‘Driving Behavior Regulation’ function can be used to define areas on a map where access is forbidden thus adding another security layer to the vehicle.

Mobile Security Accessories

In addition to the record and send features of the mobile solution there are additional accessories that can enhance this mobile solution.Microphones that support two-way communication, a panic button to deal with emergencies, a fuel level sensor to collect fuel consumption and a swipe card reader for drivers for access control.

The Dahua Mobile Solution provides automatic video storage and smart detection under any weather conditions. Equally as effective at night time, heavy rain or temperatures will not affect its performance.

Success already

Dahua have launched this new system around the world and are reporting much success particularly in Mexico, Turkey and Thailand where it has released the pressure of urban public transportation and improved user experience. The City Bus Project in Russia used more than 8,000 sets of Dahua Mobile DVR for the past couple of years and in Northeast Italy, a new city bus project is proving quite successful.

Northwood Technology are the Irish Distributors for Dahua CCTV security systems. For more information on this product or any of our intruder security, ANPR cameras, access control or CCTV products please contact our Dublin office on 01 8601880 or our Cork office on 021 2066853.