Linear Heat Detection

February 3, 2021

Due to the re-scheduled date, the team from Patol could not join us at our recent National Fire and Life Safety Expo. However, Frank Pierce stepped in to share his expertise in explaining the issues and suggesting solutions by giving examples from his vast experience in the industry.

Linear Heat Detection Cable

Patol have been around for many years actively involved in air sampling and significantly involved in the fire industry. Their products are well respected in this area.

Early detection of heat that may cause an issue is important and Patol provide a solution that not only works indoors but also is suitable for harsh environmental conditions. Frank believes that their system is not as popular as is should be in Ireland as people don’t know about it.

Ideal for wet, acidic conditions Patol linear heat detection cables come in two versions: resettable linear heat detection cable and a non-resettable version for different situations.

They both meet the applicable standards for fire detection and fire alarms systems but also hold many other approvals and certifications that relate to safety integrity and random hardware performance requirements.

Applications and benefits

The most popular use of this product in Ireland is for car parks. The first Irish installation was many years ago in the car park of Tallaght hospital. The system is still there and operating well as would be expected.

When installing in a car park you would run the line, emulating where the heat detectors already are. The line will run above the cars, down the driveways and over high risk areas. Frank explained, when one car went on fire it will spread quickly to other vehicles in the car park. The heat intensity and toxic gasses will create a huge risk for people, he referenced a car park fire in Standstead when all the firefighters could do is wait and let the cars burn out. Detecting heat and giving advanced warning could reduce damage and prevent loss of life.

Other areas where this technology is used is in distillers where fire can start slowly around barrels before engulfing a building. With linear heat detection placed near the barrels it will pick up the heat build-up quickly and could avoid a major catastrophe.

Installing linear heat detection around the moving areas of an escalator is another popular use of this technology. The cables will run around the moving areas and around the motor wells. They create a pad that can stick onto the motor and put on to hotspots, very effective at picking up overheating bearings.

Linear heat detection is used for cable tunnels, product lines, conveyor belts, atmospheric storage tanks, vehicle tunnels (road and rail), electrical cabinets and grain dryers to name just a few of the applications.

Irish situation

Frank mentioned a particular Irish situation where linear fire detection could prove invaluable and that was houses with thatched roofs. A firefighter will tell you that you cannot put out a fire on a thatched roof as it is designed to be water repellent. Most ignitions are around the fire area, in the roof and at the edge of the chimney. It’s slow burning and moves through the thatch slowly but in a deadly fashion. When rethatching, it’s an ideal solution to put a little bit of it around the chimney and it could not only save a roof but also save lives as a result.

For more information on Patol linear heat detection you can speak with the expert team at Northwood Technology.