Jo Series with Smartphone connectivity – Enhanced Security & Convenience for the home

February 3, 2021

The JO Series from Aiphone is a hands-free, video intercom with a 7-inch touch screen and smartphone connection. Allowing you to monitor and communicate with your visitors easily.

Master Station

Have the functionality of the master station in your pocket while giving you the ability to answer calls from the door station and monitor it. While answering a call you can operate electric locks and control external devices. It allows you to switch between speakerphone mode and telephone mode as necessary. The zoom in and zoom out functions allows greater control of your viewing.

Easy to Connect

It’s easy to connect your smartphone, there are only three simple steps. Firstly, install the application on the phone, register with the master station using a one-time password and you are done.

Touch Screen Operation

The touch screen is 7 inches and allows for total hands-free communication. The smartphone connection will control whether calls are forwarded to mobile devices. Notifications will confirm system updates and other important messages. You can communicate with the door station, play call recordings and monitor your door with ease. With a single touch you can operate the electric lock connected to allow the door release. The touch screen also enables the control of external devices that are connected to the master station.

Record Visitors

You will be able to record visitors even when you are not able to answer calls. You can then view the recordings from the master station or on your smartphone. With an internal memory of up to 10 calls and the SD card with up to 1,000 calls you can store and save with ease.

Usage Examples

With the Jo Series from Aiphone, you can answer calls from anywhere. You can be inside the home or away from the house. You will have full visiability of the activity at your front door allowing you to communicate with your caller.

This is the ideal solution for handling deliveries when not at home. You can communicate with the courier and ask them to leave the package somewhere safe. You will never miss a delivery again. The system allows you to be able to open your door from anywhere. Handy when a family member forgets a key, or a neighbour wants to gain access to do a job for you.

Up to 8 mobile devices can be registered to one master station. Once a reliable wi-fi connection is available it it easy to install. For more information about the Jo Series from Aiphone you can speak with the team at Northwood Technology. Call our Dublin office on 01 8601880 or our Cork office on 021 2066853.