How CCTV is helping to solve the illegal dumping issue in Ireland

February 3, 2021

Illegal dumping of household waste has been a blight on the countryside for some time and there are significant incidents of it throughout the city of Dublin also. Dublin City Council decided to take some drastic steps last year in its fight against illegal dumping.

Stephen Tyrrell, Managing Director of TEC Security was involved in this project and he uses Northwood Technology CCTV cameras. In this instalment of ‘Through the eyes of the installer’ we hear all about this successful project.

Tell us a bit about TEC Security and how you got involved with this project

TEC Security are specialists in CCTV installations and perimeter protection systems. Over the last 22 years we have monitored litter hotspots, bottle banks and antisocial sites throughout Ireland on behalf of Councils, Local Authorities and Gardai.

Dublin City Council approached us to discuss a real issue they were having with illegal dumping in the north inner city to see if we could help them in any way. They had tried leaflet drops and signs but with no results. Based on our past projects we suggested using our covert CCTV cameras and monitoring services to record the culprits so they could be prosecuted later.

How successful was the project?

We monitored the site and our cameras captured images of the people as they were dumping in the area. When the stills of the dumpers faces were put on a poster near the area there was an immediate stop to the dumping. The council had created this poster with their images and the message ‘dumpers we are watching and we are prosecuting’. There was a lot of media coverage of this event as this approach was a new one, a type of naming and shaming effort.

Dublin City Council were very satisfied and decided to roll out the cameras to other problem areas in the city. TEC Security so far have successfully secured over 40,000 direct fines and precautions for illegal activities including fly tipping, chemical dumping and anti-social behaviour throughout Ireland.

How does the system work?

We have used advanced CCTV cameras from the both the Dahua and Avigilon range that are supplied by Northwood Technology. Using our experience and knowledge we arrange them so we have covert surveillance and we monitor the site. We later download the evidence required and prepare a report of any illegal dumping on this site. This can be used in evidence through the courts to prosecute this illegal activity.

Here’s a video of one site that we monitored, you can see how we set up the cameras and collect the evidence.

Where do you offer this service?

We can monitor an area anywhere in Ireland at a drop of a hat. TEC Security have already demonstrated this with illegal dumping activities reduced in many areas nationally by 60%. Because we offer the complete solution – installation, monitoring and backup in court we are very successful in this field.

Why do you source your products through Northwood Technology?

I find the team at Northwood Technology to be very professional in their approach. They can supply me the equipment I need when I need it. I can rely on them to provide a quality product and a great support service. TEC Security are based in Dublin and offer installation of a range of CCTV solutions to clients in many sectors. For more information on systems to monitor illegal dumping or other products visit the TEC Securitywebsite.

Northwood Technology are the Irish distributors for Avigilon and Dahua CCTV Cameras. For more information on our products please contact us at our Dublin office 01 8601880 or our Cork office 021 2066853