How Automatic Number Plate Recognition is helping Irish business owners

February 3, 2021

The first time ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology was used was in the early 1980’s and it has taken quite some time to get to where it is today. Only in the past few years has it become effective and economical enough for wider application.

ANPR technology is used all over Ireland in many ways.

The most obvious use is on the M50 where it is used to read the number plates of passing vehicles so tolls can be collected. Police all over the world can use ANPR to identify cars whose drivers may not be insured and it is also helpful in traffic management situations such as drivers in bus lanes.

The technology is being used in the fight against crime. Recently cameras placed in Co Laois were able to monitor the activity of certain criminal elements that were travelling cross country on burglary sprees.

But how does this technology translate into helping Irish business owners today?

You may know that the Dahua ANPR Camera has the ability to read number plates but you may not realise the many opportunities there are with this improved technology.

We have noticed an increasing interest in this technology for barriers at industrial estates or entrances into commercial premises. This system allows specific vehicles gain access automatically without the need of a physical security guard or somebody constantly at the other end of an intercom.

How does it work?

The camera is placed either at the entrance or mounted nearby. As the vehicle approaches the barrier the number plate is scanned. If this is a registration that has been entered into the company database the barrier will lift and the driver can enter.

There are two different Dahua ANPR models available depending on what application is needed. The standard model can read the number plate from a 5-8m distance and is ideal for a barrier situation where it can be attached to a nearby post.

However, sometimes this is not feasible so there is another model that has the capacity to read number plates at a range of 40m. This is particularly helpful when the camera can’t be fitted to the entrance gatedue to the lack of infrastructure to mount the camera in a secure place. The camera would be mounted along the road or on a nearby building. It will still pick up the licence plate even from a distance of up to 40m and the gate will automatically open.

The relevant plate numbers can be easily inputted into the database and updated when necessary so the camera can recognise who to let in. The system is being recommended more frequently by architects on new commercial builds and in particular on high security site that might have several points of access. Previously a security guard would have been required at every entrance so there are significant savings to be made.

Recording Data

The camera is connected to a recorder and the information can be stored on a SD card allowing it to be accessed later to see what activity has occurred. Another useful feature of this Dahua system is that it can be accessed at any time by logging in from wherever you are. So if you are at home or in the office or even travelling abroad you can see what deliveries were made and who called by. In addition, many companies will have the system connected to existing CCTV system for ease of viewing.

Night Vision

The Dahua has an IR lamp which enables clear night-time vision as the infrared technology is built-in. A traditional camera will be ‘blinded’ by headlights and the number plate won’t be easy to read. Whereas the Dahua ANPR camera will adjust to the lights and clearly read the number plate as if it were daylight.

Your installer will mount the camera in the most suitable place. After installation he will perform regular cleaning maintenance and checks to adjust the focus it ensuring that the system remains as reliable as the day it was installed.

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