Helping protect and secure both people and places with GJD products

February 3, 2021

Irish distributors for GJD Products

Crime will always be something we have to live with but by trying to detect intruders before any damage takes place we can save distress and damage from happening in the first instance. As the Irish distributors for GJD products, we often incorporate their outdoor detectors and illuminators in some of the systems we design for our installation customers. An award winning manufacturer and designer, GJD offer a range of innovative products suitable for many situations.

Genuine Alerts

GJD’s security solutions rapidly identify and validate genuine alerts, identify false alarm signals and optimise the callout of responders. The reliability of results from these systems is one of the reason installers will return to them time after time.

External Detectors

These detectors are a cost effective, reliable and low energy security solution that will not compromise on image quality. The range includes both wired and wireless external detection technology and provides reliable security solutions with adjustable ranges from 10m to 50m.

Security Lighting Controllers

GJD’s security lighting control systems provide intelligent activation of security lights and audible notification of intruders on the property, day or night. An intruder wants to gain entry easily and get away quickly without being noticed. So once the intruder is aware that his presence has been noticed in most cases he will then flee never to return.

LED Illuminators

The Clarius range of LED illuminators work in conjunction with day and night cameras. This light is invisible to the human eye but will be fully visible to the CCTV camera. Due to their quality, these were incorporated as part of the security system at the Stonehenge heritage site to project against unwanted visitors.

This range of Infra-Red and White-Light LED illuminators are specially designed for the CCTV market with an interchangeable lens diffuser system allowing the user to quickly and easily change the angle of illumination for optimum effect.

Perimeter Surveillance

GJD’s professional IP detectors are easy to install and perfect for perimeter surveillance. They blend with the surroundings and provide seamless integration with third party VMS providers and CCTV systems. While the high quality laser sensors offer precise and accurate presence detection reaching distances up to 500m.

Northwood Technology is the Irish distributor of GJD Advanced Presence Detection, LED Illuminators and Security Lighting Systems. For more information on this product range visit the GJD Website and then please contact us at our Dublin office 01 8601880 or our Cork office 021 2066853.