Eyes of the installer Dahua Cameras & Seakel

February 3, 2021

In this instalment of through the eyes of the installer we speak with Sean Kelly, Managing Director of Seakel about Dahua products and working with Northwood Technology.

SEAKEL Fire & Security provides a broad range of electronic security and fire safety solutions that help secure and protect people, assets, communities and infrastructures. Established in 2006, Seakel recently celebrated 10 years of providing services to many blue chip organisations, public bodies, healthcare, retail, industrial and pharmaceutical sectors nationwide.

Are there more businesses looking for CCTV installations this year?

We are finding that there is a growing interest in having CCTV installed in more and more outlets. We work in many industries and have seen a particular increase in the number of retail shops and bars looking for systems. It’s a mix of new installations and replacing old systems and we are designing the installation for them and fitting it to suit each site.

What are the main things your customer is looking for in a CCTV system?

It’s still all about the picture quality. If you are going to the trouble and expense of installing a CCTV system at your premises the image has to be crystal clear. Should an event happen and you need the footage for evidence or to identify somebody the image has to be very clear. Otherwise you have wasted time and money on a poor quality system.

Why do you use the Dahua range of CCTV equipment?

We have been using and installing the Dahua range of CCTV cameras for some time now. The picture quality and recording capabilities are first class. The equipment is straightforward and is easy for the team to install. While quality is the number one factor for using Dahua, the pricing is a major benefit and I find the Dahua range very price competitive. This is important for me when I am pricing a job, if I can get quality equipment at the right price then I have an edge over any competitor pricing the same job.

Why work with Northwood Technology

I like the Dahua range and Northwood Technology are a supplier I am happy to work with. The service I get from the local sales representative Neil is fantastic. I depend on my suppliers and he does not let me down. There was one issue recently when I needed something urgently and Neil arrived at my door on a Sunday with that equipment to help me out. To have that support in addition to great products is a great benefit.

Do you think this increase in interest in installations of CCTV will continue?

We have expanded the team to 11 and we are busy every day of the week travelling all over Ireland installing systems. We also do some work in Europe on the back of our reputation as an experienced company with a great design capability. So I am very confident about the future for CCTV installations.

We would like to thank Sean Kelly, Managing Director of Seakel for speaking with us. Seakel are based in Limerick work nationwide and in Europe. For more information on the company and services you can visit the Seakel website.

Northwood Technology are the Irish distributors for the Dahua range of CCTV equipment for more information contact our Dublin office on 01 8601880 or our Cork office on 021 2066853