Dahua leads the way with new generation of 4K technology

February 3, 2021

Dahua Technology is taking analogue HD to the next level with the launch of its HDCVI 4.0 range of 4K video products.

The new HDCVI 4.0 technology has three key components: 4K-HDCVI for superior video resolution, IoT-HDCVI for multi-dimensional sensors, and AI-HDCVI to convert video into searchable Boolean data.

Complex Data

Dahua 4K-HDCVI adopts 4K Ultra HD image acquisition and back-end DVR storage. IoT-HDCVI technology enables cameras to exceed their normal function of providing video. Using IoT sensors, complex data such as alarms, temperature and humidity can be transmitted along coaxial cables, allowing a multi-dimensional sensing camera and DVR to provide an IoT solution.

The HDCVI range uses superior signal modulation and noise reduction techniques to transmit 4K video up to 700m using RG6 cable. It delivers 3840×2160 ultra-high definition images – equivalent to four 1080HD cameras – to achieve ultra-clear video and wide-angle coverage simultaneously.


The new 4K XVR recorder is compatible with all existing HDCVI/HDTVI/AHD cameras, and also supports CVBS and IP cameras, making upgrading to 4K much more convenient and cost-effective. The installation, configuration, operation and maintenance of 4K HDCVI are the same as before, preserving the plug and play convenience of an analogue video system.

The DH-HAC-HF3805G camera uses the Sony 3/4inch 8MP Starvis sensor, and is able to output 3840×2160 ultra HD images with impressive night-time performance, due to the larger sensor. It is also the first HD analogue camera to use an M43 mount lens, providing a wide selection of lenses to customers. The camera also delivers functions like autofocus, image magnification for dynamic detection and a linkage alarm – without the need to use the back-end. All settings and functions can be easily controlled with the OSD menu.


The DH-HAC-PFW3601 is the first HD analogue multi-lens infrared camera with a 4K 180-degree panoramic view, using Dahua’s advanced image stitch algorithm to perform 180-degrees panoramic seamless stitching. With three Sony Starvis sensors and an F1.4 large aperture lens, it delivers high quality images even under low light. Working with the 4K XVR, panoramic images can be used to set up an electronic cruise model to realise a multiple target, split-screen view with the magnifying tracking function, enabling the detection of moving targets in critical areas. In addition, the camera has IP67 and IK10 protection.

The Dahua 4K-HDCVI offering includes a 4K box camera, 4K IR bullet and dome camera, 4K fish-eye panoramic camera, and 4K multi-sensor 180-degree panoramic camera – as well as a series of 4K-supported XVRs (multi-mode DVRs).

“HD analogue is quickly becoming mainstream,” says Denny Wang, Sales Director, Dahua UK & Ireland. “By 2018, over 90% of analogue cameras will be HD analogue (according to a 2016 IHS report). Dahua led the industry introducing HDCVI technology in 2012, and continues to enhance this leadership by bringing state-of-the-art performance in terms of resolution, light sensitivity, intelligence and usability.

“The scalable and expandable architecture of HDCVI enables future-proof products and solutions to be developed. It protects customers’ investments by allowing a seamless upgrade to new technologies as they emerge. Dahua HDCVI 4.0 – comprising 4K-HDCVI, IoT-HDCVI and AI-HDCVI – leads the industry into a new era of higher resolution, more intelligence and greater convenience. They are going to increase the potential market space of HD analogue and protect the investment of HDCVI customers.”

New products will be introduced throughout the year in 2017 to implement the HDCVI 4.0 framework.

About Dahua UK & Ireland

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