CCTV Security for Cash in Transit Vans

February 3, 2021

Every week hundreds of Cash In Transit (CIT) vans travel the country delivering and collecting cash from businesses and ATMs. Unfortunately attacks on these vans are all too common. Last October two CIT vans were robbed of over €100,000 cash in Dublin on the same day. Later that same month, Gardaí foiled an attempt on a CIT van in Meath carrying €200,000.

While it may not be possible to eliminate these attacks there is certainly something that companies operating these cash in transit services can do to try and prevent them – ensuring the most up to date security technology is fitted.

The Dahua CIT security system consists of a HD CCTV camera with a recorder and software enabling viewing back at base. It’s the perfect straight forward solution for protection against attack.

CAMERA -Dahua 2MP Full HD WDR Network Vandal-proof IR Wedge Dome Camera

This CCTV camera operates progressive scan so all lines in each frame are drawn in sequence ensuring nothing is missed while recording. The camera is smart detection supported meaning it can face detect, tripwire, intrusion alert, audio detect and much more. As well as being connected to the recorder and monitoring station footage can also be viewed via IPhone and android.


The unit is designed to be used for vehicles that are both on the move and stationary for periods during the day. It is securely enclosed so it won’t fail and is not affected by bumps or sharp turns while driving. The 8 channel recorder connects with the camera to enable footage to be downloaded for later viewing. The unit supports 3G and WIFI for quick download and storage of footage. It is fitted with GPS so the van can be located at any stage by base and built-in UPS ensures a constant power supply.

Smart Software

The unit connects via CMS smart PSS software to allow both viewing and reporting of pictures and alarms. Vans can also be tracked on Google maps in real time and using playback mode. Once the staff contact base to open the cash lock, this creates an output for the recorder and any activity can be viewed live by base and recorded for later use if needed. Should an incident be detected by the viewer it makes it easy to report a man down or perform a lock down on the vehicle.

The Dahua mobile CCTV system with its GPS tracking and video recording option is a quality system that has been proven to work. When your priorities are keeping both your cash and staff safe against the threat of attack you want a security system which is secure and reliable. The Dahua CIT system will give you this peace of mind.

Northwood Technology are the Irish Distributors for Dahua CCTV security systems. For more information on this product or any of our intruder security, access control or CCTV products please contact our Dublin office on 01 8601880 or our Cork office on 021 2066853