CCTV Camera Security for Hotels

February 3, 2021

Hotel CCTV

The Irish Hotels Federation reveals in their latest report that hotel owners and operators nationwide are optimistic about 2017. 90% of those surveyed reported increased business in 2016 and have plans to reinvest in their properties this year.

Many hotels are looking to upgrade or replace existing CCTV security camera systems in the coming year. So what should you look for when considering security surveillance systems for hotels?

Why install CCTV cameras in hotels?

One advantage to having recorded CCTV footage is to prevent litigation against the hotel. Any damage or injury which occurs on the premises would be recorded as an accurate record to events.

Cameras at the entrance doors will monitor people coming and going and could be helpful in identifying thieves. It also helps to have CCTV in areas where cash is handled and a hotel bar is a good example of an effective position. There are usually restricted access areas in hotels where both staff and guests are not normally allowed to access, monitoring these areas can help prevent issues.

Hotel Security

The plan should always start with appointing a PSA licensed installation company. Whether it is a hotel with an outdated system or one with no CCTV system the same principles apply. The installer will conduct a risk assessment of the site by having a detailed look around the property to assess areas of particular concern. He will then discuss any issues around risk the owner has and will take everything on board. Then the installer will design a plan specifically for the site.

Where to place the cameras

Generally there will be a suggested mix of CCTV cameras required both outdoor and indoor. The outdoor cameras would be trained on the carpark and approach to the entrances. The indoor cameras would cover areas where both guests and staff would be. It is important to place the correct number of cameras in the right situation so all areas are covered. The installer will use their expert knowledge to identify the most suitable places to put the cameras.

The Equipment

It’s essential that the CCTV cameras selected produce high quality images. Hi definition IP CCTV cameras are now the norm for producing clear images. There will be a recorder where footage will be downloaded it should have good storage capabilities so images can be accessed at a later stage.

Monitoring Station

There are a few options when it comes to monitoring of the footage. If the hotel is large enough, they will have their own security staff that will monitor the camera feed live both day and night. However, in many cases it is the hotel manager who has the responsibility for this along with their other duties.

The footage can be viewed from the Manager’s PC in their office or can also be accessed anywhere in the world via a smartphone. Another option is to have the monitoring done at hotel reception. This has many advantages, the main one being that there is normally always somebody on reception who can keep an eye on it. When CCTV surveillance is obvious it becomes a deterrent, so when it is visible at reception any would be criminal will know they risk getting caught. Another advantage is that customers feel safe when they know there is an extra layer of security for their cars, their valuables and themselves.

Which CCTV system to choose

Your installer will give you some options as to what equipment he will recommend. We work with some of Ireland’s best security installation firms and they return to us time and time again to purchase our Dahua range of equipment. The main reason they choose this range is for the quality of the equipment and the keenness of the price.

Northwood Technology are the Irish distributor for the Dahua range of CCTV cameras and recorders. For more information on the range or any of our security products please contact our Dublin office on 01 8601880 or our Cork office on 021 2066853. We can also put you in touch with an installer in your area.