Avigilon Trusted Security Solutions for Government

February 3, 2021

How Avigilon Can Help Secure Critical Infrastructure Sites

Our complete security solutions are deployed across sites around the globe to help further enhance the security of those assets, systems and networks.

Why Avigilon?

Superior Protection — Self-learning video analytics allow a single operator to focus their attention on the events that matter most, while alarms and rule triggers provide immediate notifications to suspicious activities for responses in real time.

Cost-Effective Security — Avigilon surveillance cameras allow you to cover wider areas with fewer cameras, while HDSM SmartCodec™ technology works with our High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ technology to significantly reduce bandwidth and storage needs, while also lowering your network load.

Powerful Search — Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software with Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology sorts through hours of footage with ease to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across an entire site.

Avigilon Solutions for Government Projects

Avigilon surveillance cameras are equipped with Wide Dynamic Range, LightCatcher™ technology for clear image detail in bright and dark areas, and optional patented content adaptive infrared technology for consistent lighting in complete darkness. Available in resolutions from 1 MP to 7K (30 MP).

• H4 Edge Solution (ES) camera line is an all-in-one intelligent surveillance solution that records video directly to an onboard solid-state drive.

• HD Pro camera line can cover vast areas in high detail and reduce the number of cameras you need.

Designed and manufactured in North America with a commitment to quality. ONVIF® compliance enables integration with existing camera systems. Complimentary software training through online and instructor-led courses. 24/7 technical support by phone or online chat.

Avigilon HD NVRs are pre-configured for quick deployment and come standard with RAID technology for increased system uptime and availability. ACC™ ES products provide embedded storage, video analytics and remote management capabilities for centralized monitoring applications.

Avigilon analog video encoders are a cost-effective way to easily migrate your legacy analog system to a network-based IP system for true cost savings. Access Control Manager (ACM) is a browser-based access control solution that can integrate with your existing IT/HR system, helping to maximize your time and safeguard your information.

Northwood Technology are Irish distributors for the Avigilon range of security solutions. For more information on these products please contact our Dublin office on 01 8601880 or our Cork office on 021 2066853