Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics – Bring focus to your surveillance

February 3, 2021

Avigilon video analytics make security personnel more effective when it comes to real time response.

This system has been likened to a digital intruder alarm for CCTV and has revolutionised security monitoring. You may not have the security operators to cover all areas of your site so this technology allows monitoring of the right incident at the right time.

Effective monitoring that enables proactive, real-time response from your team

Avigilon self-learning video analytics are embedded in the camera for a simple ‘point-and-shoot’ installation. Many industry solutions require manual calibration during set up, as well as ongoing maintenance, however, Avigilon video analytics require no manual calibration. Teach-by-example technology works immediately and improves accuracy over time. It allows users to provide feedback on the accuracy of alarms, refining the device’s self-learning capabilities.

The operator decides the region of interest and virtually draws a box around the area. Advanced video pattern-detection technology accurately recognises the movements of people and vehicles within the area, while ignoring motion not relevant to the scene. The system’s self-learning capabilities reduce wasted time, ensuring alerts are meaningful.

Practical application of the technology

An alarm will trigger when ‘an event’ occurs, as determined by the operator. In all cases it will be determined by people or objects entering or leaving an area during a specified time.

A classic example of this is when the system is used in an area prone to graffiti. There may be a significant flow of people passing through the area, with the vast majority causing no disturbance. However, an event can be set up to indicate when a person enters the area and fails to exit within a specific time frame. This would lead operators to believe the individual may be loitering. When an alarm is triggered, security personnel can investigate the qualified event and follow up appropriately.

Another popular use of the technology is perimeter detection. For example, on a construction site people entering a dangerous or restricted area would be identified and action can be taken immediately.

With the ability to zoom in to see faces or read licence plates clearly, it can also help determine if the event needs further investigation. An operator can set up and view live or recorded alerts.

The system can be retrofitted on any site and can be incorporated into existing systems with no need for additional servers. It can be scheduled to be operational when it’s required and switched off during other times.

Avigilon self-learning video analytics bring a focus of attention to the right incident at the right time

Operators can provide feedback to the system and this ensures ongoing accuracy with lower false alarm rates and increased detection levels. The input of this feedback trains the device to recognise which alarms are real and which are false and allows it to prioritise important events, avoiding wasted time and missed opportunities.

Valuable and efficient

This system is cost-effective, as there are no additional servers required. It also fully integrates with Avigilon Control Center™ software. Analytic alarm notifications can automatically be sent to any authorised client and can also be accessed from mobile devices.

A broad range of Avigilon devices are embedded with self-learning video analytics, including cameras with resolutions from 1 MP to 5K. Idle scene mode technology reduces bandwidth and storage, while powerful forensic search capabilities complement this system.

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