AES Global Intercom Systems for Gates

February 3, 2021

By installing electric gates you are moving the first line of defence away from your front door and enhancing the security of your home and family.

Having a system that includes an intercom allows you to speak directly to the person trying to gain access into your property and then you can decide from the safety of your home if you want to allow them in.

On the older or more basic models that were offered in the past the units would come with multiple wires and would have a very limited range and many issues. AES offer systems that operate on wireless technology for easy installation and fantastic coverage.

DECT Technology

Wireless intercom systems are offered in DECT technology, which is a longer range version of the technology found in almost all portable home phones. This system is suitable where broadband coverage is an issue and where the distance between the gate entrance and the home is within a working range of 200 meters. Up to 4 handsets can be positioned around the home so the gate visitor can be answered quickly.

GSM Intercom

GSM Intercom systems for gates allow the intercom to call your mobile phone, as well as calling your home phone, all with the added benefit of no range limits. If you have reliable and strong mobile phone coverage, then this could be the option that might best suit you. There is also a free app that can be installed on iPhone or android with many extra features.

Wi-Fi Coverage

One of the most popular options is the Wireless Gate Video intercom that operates using the home owners own Wif-Fi connection. The intercom when connected to the network can make video calls to the owners smartphone wherever they are. Thus enhancing the security of the property and giving peace of mind to the homeowner.

The intercom units

AES global manufactures stylish panels that will not detract from the look of your gates or gate posts. They are robust and will withstand the Irish weather while also looking great. The units are manufactured using brushed stainless steel and toughened gloss acrylic trims. They are backlit to enable users to see the keypad on even the darkest night.

AES also includes Muticome GSM apartment intercoms as part of their range. These wireless intercoms can call different phone numbers and up to 500 apartments which is why they are so popular for apartment blocks in cities.

AES Global manufacture the largest range of wireless and GSM intercom systems in the world. In fact, last year alone they shipped 13,000 units worldwide. Northwood Technology are the Irish distributors of this range and if you want more information on the range call our Dublin office on 01 8601880 or our Cork office on 021 2066853.