AES Cellcom Prime Programmer App Features

February 3, 2021

AES Global are the company that make your home smarter with AES wireless gate intercoms and innovative security technology. The recently launched an app and here they share the benefits of this new innovation.

Thebrand new GSM Cellcom Prime Installer app has many features to make installing easier for both the customer and the installer.

Watch the video below to see some of the features of the app.

No more text strings during set up. The ability to add and remove numbers remotely and change keypad codes remotely. Automatic trigger times including in new time clock function. Storage available to store all GSM Installs and make changes when required on our client list feature.

Check stored numbers and reception levels from the app. Check who has been accessing your property via our event log in time and date stamp. The app will also operate single and multi button intercoms.

For a more in depth look into how the app works and how you can use it for installing purposes, watch the video below.

The ability to latch and unlatch is achievable via the app as well as do not disturb function available on app with time clock. Temporary codes and timed codes can be set from your mobile device. To find out more about the app and its features, contact us