Advanced Fire Panels

February 3, 2021

At our recent Fire and Life Safety Expo Neil Parkin from Advanced Electronics spoke to us about their popular fire panels and he also introduced us to some new innovations from this leading manufacturer.

Advanced pride themselves on being progressive when it comes to standards, approvals and memberships of leading industry groups. It’s because of this that their product range has grown so quickly over the past few years as it is widely known for reliable and robust products.

They are a significant player in the UK industry with their range of control and indication panels. In Ireland they are known for mainly alarm panels that work with specialist addressable open protocol systems.

Installers Choice

Neil told us about a recent installation of a panel in Iona Abbey. This property is off the coast of Scotland and as the installer must take three ferries to get there, he wanted to avoid too many call outs and decided to choose a panel from Advanced. Such is the reputation of reliability of this range. With the added benefits of end user friendly panels, the touch screen is easy to use if they need to adjust the alarm at any stage.

There is also an easy to identify faults via a ‘Gateway’ online system, so that the installer can identify the fault before he visits and can bring the right replacement part to the job to avoid two visits. Their system also has a service record tool and as part of the false alarm management plan it is a very useful feature.

Fire Panels

MxPro is the leading multiprotocol choice. It is popular, powerful and very capable for jobs up to 2,000 zones. It can be seen in action at St James Hospital where they have 190 panels in their network. The simple installation and configuration makes it popular and the product of choice by industry experts.

Other products within the range are gas detectors which as easy to install with bespoke software. Lifeline is a fire paging solution for people with hearing impediments. These are plug and play systems with pre-recorded messaging. Conventional panels are also part of their range called quick zone. One area Neil is particularly proud of is their Specials Department. This is where they design and manufacture bespoke products. Many great innovations have been created in recent years including specialist sprinkler systems in particular. If you are an installer with a need then maybe they can produce a special just for you.

Alarm Calm is a complete false alarm management concept. It allows the verification of alarms and investigation of faults, resulting in a reduction of false alarms. Integrated smoke and fan control is a new innovation, taking away the complexity of the older systems. Neil tells us that it is best in class for simplicity and performance.

Customer Support

Customers can sign up for Advanced 360 Service and support. This support is provided in person, online and while on-site. In comprises of free technical support, training, software upgrades and downloads, literature and warranty available when you need it.

Being able to download manuals and instructions 24/7 from their website is a huge bonus. Advanced are now not only focussed on product quality but are actively taking customer support very seriously and always striving to improve.

For more information on the Advanced Fire Panel range you can speak with our expert team at Northwood Technology.